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Case history

Antonio Mengibar was a pioneer in the use of Flowmeters in Filling Machines in the early 80’s to fill by volume or by net weight any type of liquids without moving parts in contact with the product, in cleanable and sanitary conditions and without weight scales below the filling stations. Nowadays the new Mengibar® Filler Capper Monoblock is equipped the latest technology for liquid filling regardless of its viscosity or foaminess..

This Filler Capper Monoblock is equipped with:

  • (36) Mass Flow Filling Stations and 'LRFH' Smart Filling Nozzles.
  • (16) Screw-on Capping Stations for Trigger Pumps and Regular Screw on Caps with electronic torque control by means of Servomotors.
  • On-board bottle orienting system. Note that the bottle is cylindrical with an off centered neck.
  • 360* stationary drain pan connected permanently to the C.I.P. return loop.


The Filler adjusts and modulates the product pressure and flow according to its own demand meeting the best working conditions from the beginning of the new production, regardless either of the product nature and the Pumping System efficiency (length and design of the pipeline). Filler is fully integrated in the plant P&ID.

Mengibar Filler incorporates its own inertia analysis algorithm to correct automatically potential deviations due product changes in viscosity, density, temperature and formulation. Standard deviation better than Sygma 0,2%.

Non Dripping Laminar Flow Filling Heads to control the product flow according to the special requirements of each product and bottle. Sanitary Design: Filling Heads do not touch or introduce inside of the bottle, free of flexible pipes. Easy Cleanable.

Integrated C.I.P. System. Cleaning of the product path is performed at high pressure (turbulent flow). A stationary 360º tray, permanently located below the filling stations and connected to the C.I.P. loop, collects the cleaning product. Estimated cleaning time: < 10 minutes and minimum energy consumption.

Screw-on Electronic Torque Control by means of Servomotors. Torque application is easily programmed from the HMI as part of the format ‘recipe’. The System is able to provide statistics and graphics based on the on torque application.

100% of produced packages is inspected and rejected before leaving the machine is if does not comply with quality standards.